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Jose Gomez

Trucks Transport Dreams

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This series takes the initiative of showing the realities of our country, identifying historical facts, paying tribute to anonymous people who fight, traveling through every corner of Peru and even portraying their parents.

The series has a before and after of the pandemic, where the artist, with the confinement and a different vision, developed the work in his studio: “truck transports dreams” which was the vehicle that helped continue that journey, from the personal to the more reflective, exhibiting everyday reality and your dreams to fulfill.

The exhibition has four polyptych works and a series of random studies that reflects and pays tribute to the day-to-day worker, who uses his hands and puts his heart into it, the one who travels, migrates and says wherever I go, I'll take you with me, Peru.
Over the years we have been acquiring large studies of works that will be the legacy of our artist friend José Gómez that he has been showing to you in this new project.

Haidy Janina Trujillo Castro

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