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Art brings us TOGETHER


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"Fugaz Arte de Convivir" is pleased to present the opening of the 5th Cultural Season. The inauguration will take place on Saturday, September 23rd, from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. at 250 Constitution Street, Monumental Callao.


"Typical" by Alejandro Alcazar, curated by Rafo León.
"Container of Souls" by André Granados, curated by Hugo Salazar Chuquimango.
"Felt Geometry" by Coki Merel, curated by Nuria Cano.
"My Sky is not the Same Color as Yours" by Fernando Dolorier, curated by Iván Fernández Dávila.
"The Other World" by Gino Ceccarelli, curated by Juan Peralta.
"Huanchaco Legends" by Gerardo Salazar, curated by Israel Tolentino.
"Gunpla Junkies" collective exhibition, produced by Deox and Fog.
"Fissures, Sodas, and Christ" by Hans Jauler.
"Three Marys" by Julio Marcos, curated by Teresa Arias and Daniel Contreras for Canal Museal.
"Avatars" by María María, curated by Raura Oblitas.
"Superwave" by Peter Lara, curated by Mayra Saavedra.
"Heart-Eating Animal" by Valeria Tenaud, curated by José Hopkins Brocq.

The 5th cultural season at Casa Fugaz promises to be an unforgettable encounter between the public and art, where we can also enjoy a gastronomic route, graffiti and lettering workshops, and guided tours. DJ Xaero will be accompanying us. We will have a presentation by the Afro-Peruvian Ballet of Callao. As the evening falls, we will celebrate with a party at Rooftop Fugaz and the best view of the port.

The exhibitions will be open to the public until November 2nd, from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11 am to 6 pm.

Free Admission.

León y Guerra García

"The “typical” figurative art records objects, people, environments, landscapes in a way that extends a creative tradition that generally has its origin in the academic institution. Early years art students spend many hours painting still lifes that in their real version have before them, tablecloths with folds, cups, bottles. But there is also another aspect of the "typical" in art and this is the nocturnal interior of the establishment where artists and customers share space. Manet, Toulouse Lautrec, the German Expressionists, Otto Dix, Humareda, Pancho Izquierdo, the cantina, the brothel, the dance hall" Rafo Leon Curator: Juan Peralta

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Noah y la carne

Artist Maria-Maria (@roxystar) choreographs her characters in compositions that capture the spirit of the disturbing, the macabre, the tragicomedy of life, love, death and most of all farce. His work and research capture fictional characters with humanoid figures in psychic chaos through form, texture and color. Its purpose is to create content that shows a mental crisis or turmoil. His figures are emotionally charged in a static state, perhaps a resting discomfort, or perhaps even a peaceful intermission amid stillness and deep anguish. Curator: Midori Yoshimoto, PhD.

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Fetiche POP!

The poetic installation PULSACIONES proposes new spaces for the enjoyment of poetry. Inspired by the collection "Pulsaciones", published at the end of 2022 and through large-format reading, it presents us with six contemporary Peruvian authors and their particular aesthetics, six pulsating ways of relating to the word and the world. Curator: Úrsula Alvarado

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El césped es más verde del otro lado

Contemporary life and the night find a materialization through the canvases of Dolorier, who builds a set of works in continuity with the tradition of the nocturnal motif of modern painting. With cold ranges and neon colors, it evokes scenes from the city of Lima and describes the characters who move through it when natural light is absent. Between abstraction and the figurative, Dolorier presents an existentialist vision that tells us about crossing limits and sublimating the drives of postmodern life. Curator: Ivan Fernández Dávila

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Fluxus [electrónico]

Gerardo Salazar Malbasa, presents two collections of engravings: "Huanchaqueras Legends" and "Huanchaqueras Estampas". Inspired by the difficult circumstances of the pandemic, he began to illustrate the legends of Percy Valladares Huamanchumo in woodcut and linocut in April 2020. These stories, shared on Facebook, motivated him to contact the author and propose the illustration with engravings, respecting tradition from the book. Huanchaco, a significant place from his childhood, was the backdrop for these creations. In addition to the legends, he created scenes of life in Huanchaco, giving shape to the second collection "Estampas Huanchaqueras". These works pay tribute to the rich cultural heritage of Huanchaco and its community, highlighting the challenges they face. WANDERING GRAPHIC GALLERY Curator: Israel Tolentino

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El yo virtual: Retratos y utopías de Karen Aragon Tello

The representation of geological inclemencies from a fictional uchronic vision has very rarely been represented in contemporary Peruvian painting; Therefore, given this lack of artistic production, the SUPERUNDA project by artist Peter Lara is proposed, in which he makes a simulation of reality that has its origin in a geological phenomenon in the Callao Sea. Curator: Mayra Saavedra

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Vacíos reveladores

The set of works that Julio Marcos presents to us is created on 'rescued supports', specifically wood and planks that have their origin in those first houses built in Manchay and whose remains have been recovered through the artistic exercise of their discovery and transformation into pictorial support . MUSEAL CANAL GALLERY Curated by Teresa Arias and Daniel Contreras.

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Ira y tiempo: las figuras

"Frituras, Soda and Christ" is an invitation to reflect on contemporary society and its values, through the critical and emotional gaze of the artist. His work invites the viewer to connect with their own emotions and find meaning in the complexity of life. What values are reflected in our consumer culture? What role does religion play in our society? What impact do childhood experiences have on our adult lives? These are some of the questions that this exhibition seeks to raise. Curator: Juan Peralta

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El cuarto de juegos

Animal that eats its own heart is an artistic project that delves into the complexity of the human condition through painting, drawing and ceramics. This project seeks to open a deep dialogue about existence, identity and the meaning of being human, using visual media to express concepts and emotions that are universal and timeless. Curator: José Hopkins Brocq

Entre dunas

“Sensed Geometry” is the first individual exhibition of Coki Merel, who presents us a series of carefully crafted compositions and texts to bring us closer to labyrinths and landscapes of aerial views as a counterpart to the entities that inhabit them. Curator: Nuria Cano

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The term "Gunpla" comes from the fusion between the anime "Gundam", developed in 1979 as part of a franchise of animated science fiction series created by Yoshiyuki Tomino for Sunrise studios. Modeling, in a more common sense, is a hobby that consists of building and finally directing (dynamic modeling) miniature reproductions of machines, people or buildings. The group, Gunpla Junkies, is mainly dedicated to showing the different chronological lines through their works. Production: Fog and Deox

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El Otro Mundo

"The imposing exhibition that Gino Ceccarelli presents is in itself a language of immense meanings placed on frames that need to be as big as they are. The paintings on display reveal a synthesis of many years of work on the constructions of identity, in such a way that did not fall into Amazonian folklorism or the imitation of native art. At the same time as synthesis and completeness, the exhibition opens a new path in Ceccarelli's painting, whose first milestone must be discovered on the walls of the room, when in In a single plane the origins transcend the Vitruvius and end at the starting point: the hunt with a sharp spear, in the river of the Amazon forest. Rafo Leon Curator: Juan Peralta


Cuenta Cuentos con

Storytelling with Michi Miau in Monumental Callao

Michi Miau presenta una temporada de cuentacuentos en Monumental Callao

Monumental Callao se complace en anunciar una emocionante temporada de cuentacuentos protagonizada por Michi Miau. Este evento lleno de magia y diversión se llevará a cabo en el Espacio 108 de Casa Fugaz, ubicado en Jirón Constitución 250. ¡No te pierdas la oportunidad de disfrutar de estas encantadoras historias para niños de todas las edades!

Michi Miau ha preparado una selección de cuentos maravillosos para cautivar a la audiencia. Desde aventuras llenas de humor hasta historias con mensajes conmovedores, esta temporada promete entretener y enseñar a los más pequeños. Michi Miau, con su carisma y pasión por los cuentos, transportará a los niños a mundos imaginarios donde la magia cobra vida.

Ilustraciones: Cada historia estará acompañada por hermosas ilustraciones que complementarán la narrativa y harán que los personajes cobren vida en la imaginación de los espectadores. Las ilustraciones cuidadosamente seleccionadas añadirán un toque visual encantador a la experiencia de los cuentacuentos.


Grupos de 12 niños: 450 soles

Catering de Pizzas con Ostería del Porto: 200 soles, 

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